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Introduction of Customization Service Ledhors Uniform-----highlight team image and embody business connotation
Clothing is a silent language and it is an outward manifestation of the spirit and style in interpersonal communication, whether for individual or for groups.

A perfect embodiment of wonderful life enjoying the fashion and beyond success, A simple life attitude toward popular culture communication,

An outstanding brand with connotation of self-confidence, elegance and wisdom, that is--- Ledhors Uniform.

Enterprises uniforms directly reflect the characteristics and management style of the enterprise. For business people, old-fashion style of the traditional uniform does not meet the market demand. So designers of Ledhors grasp what the time needs and design a brand new style of business clothing integrating the essence of the world clothing fashion and concept of simplicity and smooth. International quality system is adopted in quality control of the whole production process, including auxiliary materials stocking, sewing, ironing, packing until the products leave the factory. Self-inspection, mutual inspection, general inspection, sampling inspection before leaving the factory are applied in quality control of the products to ensure that there is no quality problem.

Tailored Clothing is specially provided by Ledhors for different companies with different needs. The unique customized service is also an important aspect of social service and consumers service offered by Ledhors. Ledhors firstly introduced the advanced interational production technology, integrating with specialized high-end equipment to provide customers with the specific occupational clothing in different environments.

Ledhors Uniform, which is upright, calm, elegant, easy-going and stable, represents the nobility of white-collar elites, and the decency of government enterprises and public officials, highlights overall style of different groups and has been highly praised by consumers. The design of Ledhors Uniform combines both the element of men’s strength in the 21 st century and element of the women’s self-confidence when intehrating the fashion and modern trends.

Ledhors always regards consumers as their partners and friends, provides a full service for them including body measurement, material selection, cutting, processing and delivery, adheres to the 3 ‘door-to-door” principles(door-to-door service for body measurement, door-to-door consultation, door-to-door delivery) and comply with “3R” guaranty (including revise, replace or return).

Strength witnesses the brand. After years of hard work, Ledhors Customization Department have gained worldwide high praise by successfully provided satisfactory services for thousands of companies engaged in national public administration, finance, insurance, tobacco, food, medicine, transportation, telecommunications, postal services, electricity, schools, aviation, railway, highway and taxation.

Currently vigorous Ledhors is creating the brilliant future by their wisdom. The Ledhors Customized Group will continue to adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of professional dedication, excellence and innovation, and provide social service with the first-class quality, they believe in themselves and move beyond success. Ledhors will continuously delve in the knowledge and exploration in the new century and achieve the great goal of becoming the top men’s business clothing brand.

To create the tangible image of commercial space flavored with details…
Believe in yourself, choose an extraordinary brand------Simple Yet Sophisticated!
Create with heart and pursuit of perfection. Good better best, never let it rest! It is Ledhors Uniform!

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