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Privacy Protection 

The privacy protection statement of the website of Ledhors (, hereinafter to as “this website”) is the commitment of this website for the protection of user privacy. As to the website characteristics, this website may inevitably have direct or indirect relations with you, thus policies of collecting, collecting, using and protecting the user information by this website are explained here and you have to read carefully the following contents”

1.Non-personal Information of Users,This website will collect the non-personal information such as server property, operation system types and the ISP domain name for accessing service through your IP address so as to optimize the webpage display on your computer screen. By collecting the above mentioned information, this website also conducts visitor flow statistics so as to improve the management and service pf this website.

2.Personal Information

2.1 When you register on this website of Ledhors take part in the online or public forums, this website will, with your consent and confirmation, require you to provide some personal information in the form of registration forms, such personal information includes:

2.1.1 Personal identity information: such as name, gender, date of birth, ID number (or passport number), telephone number, mailing address, address, e-mail address, etc

2.1.2 Personal background: occupation, educational status, income, marriage, family status.

2.2 It should be understood that without your consent and confirmation, this website will not use the information provided by you when taking part in certain activities for any other purpose, unless otherwise required to be disclosed by the government or laws as specified in the following Article 6.

3.Information safety

3.1 This website will strictly manage and protect the information provided by you and prevent, with corresponding technologies, your personal information from being lost, stolen or altered.。

3.2 This website has to entrust technicians to process such information as needed so as to meet the demand of the professional labor distribution. If you have no expressed discrepancy on the notice of the computer processing within the time limit given in the notice, this website will deem that you have agreed. Yet you are still entitled to ask for stop of computer processing, as specified in the following Article 4.1.4.

4.Users Rights

4.1 You have the following rights for your personal information

4.1.1 Query and application of reading at any time.

4.1.2 Application for complementation or correction at any time.

4.1.3 Application for deletion at any time.

4.1.4 Application for stop of computer processing and use.

4.2 For the above said rights, this website will provide you with relevant service and you may send emails to 

5.Principle of Restrained Use,This website can use the personal information collected for other purpose only when the following conditions are met.

5.1 With your written consent;

5.2 To prevent you from emergent risks in life, body and property;

5.3 To prevent severe damages to other interest;

5.4 To promote public interest and will not do harm to your key interest.

6.Disclosure of Personal Information,If the governmental organizations require this website to disclose the personal information with legal procedures, this website may, according to the requirement of the law enforcement units or for the purpose of public safety, disclose the personal information, and this website shall not be responsible for any consequence in such cases.

7.Public Forum,The Ledhors website will provide you with services such as chat room, bulletin board. In these areas, any information you published will become public information. Therefore, we remind you to consider carefully whether it is necessary to disclose you personal information in these areas. 

8.Protection of Privacy Rights of the Under-age Persons

8.1 This website will formulate and keep a reasonable process to protect the confidentiality and safety of personal information of the under-age persons. The website solemnly states that any persons under the age of 18 shall not take part in the online activities unless otherwise permitted by their parents or their legal guardians (hereinafter referred to as “the guardian”)

8.2 The guardian shall bear the prime responsibility of protecting the privacy right of the under-age in the network environment.

8.3 The personal information of under-age persons collected by the website shall be only for the purpose of replying the special requirements of the under-age persons and shall not be deleted from the record when the reply is finished.

8.4 Without the consent of the guardians, the website will neither use the personal information of the under-age persons nor disclose or transmit the personal information that can identify the under-age person to any third party. The website shall not collect name of the guardian or the under-age person or other communication information without the consent of the guardians. If the collected information is not approved by the guardian within a reasonable period, the website shall delete such information from the record.

8.5 Without the consent of the guardian, the website shall not collect personal information of the under-age person. The website shall provide the guardian with the followings:

8.5.1 The opportunity to supervise the information collected from his/her child or the one under guardian.

8.5.2 The opportunity to prevent the personal information of his/her child or the one under guardian from being further collected or used;

8.5.3 The way of altering or deleting the personal information of the child or the one under guardian.

8.6 The guardian is entitled to reject the further contact between the website and his/her child or the one under guardian.

8.7 The personal information of under-age person collected by the website only for the safety of the under-age person when they take part in the online activities and will not be used for any other purpose. The website guarantees that it will not ask the under-age person to provide additional personal information as the condition of participating in the online activities. 

9.1 Cookies refer to a technology. To be specific, when you are visiting the website with cookies settling, the server of the website will automatically send cookies to your browser and save them in your disk. Such cookies record the operation, personal information, browsing habit, consumption habit and even credit record when you are visiting the website.

9.2 With your cookies, the website may be able to provide you with more considerate customized service. The website will, with the help of cookies, indentify your shopping habits and then provide you with information that you are interested or passwords so that you won’t need to repeat the entry of passwords when re-accessing the website. 

10.Disclaimer.Apart from the disclaimers as specified in Article 6, the website bears no responsibility in the following cases:

10.1 The personal information is disclosed for your telling the user name and password to others or sharing the same account.

10.2 The personal information is disclosed, lost, stolen or altered due to the force such as hiker attack, computer viruses and governmental regulations which result in temperate closing of the website, affecting the normal operation of the website.

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