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Legal statments 
All information on this website are provided by Lehors. China Co., Ltd. Please read the following terms and conditions before using them. If you disagree with them, please stop entering into it. If your enter into it, read the contents, download the information or use any files provided in this site, it shows your agreement and obedience with the following conditions.
All information in this website shall not be used on illegal purpose or if in a way disobey to the following terms.
All information publicized on this website are only for reference and shall not be applied to commercial purpose.

       Declaration Of Rights

All domain names, trade names, trademarks, articles, information, layout design, figures, patterns, sound, technological process, program and other materials are under the protection of Copyright Law and other relevant rules, regulations , normative document of law and relative international terms and conditions. Lehors Men’s Wear is entitled to reserve the ownership. No copy and transmission of them until the written agreements of Lehors. Any invasion against the above-mentioned rights could cause to barren the civil liability, administrative responsibility or criminal liability.

       Predictive Representations

Information publicized on this website may contain some predictive statements towards the company’s business strategy, expected performance, investment plan, professional competition and products policy. Those statements harbor sort of risk factor and uncertainty, which are aimed to express company’s current ideas about future events, but not promises to its coming sale trends. The company’s sales performance could make great discrepancy with the actual ones due to some risks, which will be put forward in the company’s annual report, interim report, provisional report and temporary notice.
Words like “foresee”, “plan”, “believe”, “forecast”, “may be”, “intend to” and other similar words used in this website to state things related to the company are aimed at indicating its predictiveness. The company will not insure its timeliness.


The company will not express or imply in any way promises to the correctness, promptness, effectiveness, stability, usability, and no insulting against other’s rights of contents in this website. No promises to the stability to the web server and the access to browsing, reading and using the contents at anytime. The contents can be modified by Lehors randomly but no on-time notice to consumers.
The superior administrators, employees, agents, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, successors and assignees of the company shall not take direct or indirect responsibility in any way for the misleading, inaccurate and incorrect information transmission and delivery. In the scope of permitted by law, the company shall not make compensation for any direct or indirect, attached or subordinate, special, punitive or disciplinal damages( including but not limited to benefits, foreseeable loss for interests, lost sales, loss of information data, loss of damaged properties etc.) proposed in terms of anyone’s being able or unable to use the inter linkage or programs.
Contents on this website related to company’s products, customer services, sales etc, site location, agent distribution and setting, service telephone and so on should be confirmed by the company’s official contracts, promises and agreements made by sales department. Relevant contents on this website are not expressions of actual insurance process, procedures and contracts, therefore, the company shall not fulfill its relative duties or take relative responsibilities. Any hyperlink on other web made on this website are not under control, therefore, anyone who browse other web via the hyperlink on this website shall be deemed to have not read the information on this web, and the company shall not take any responsibility for the receiving of information from that web.

       The Protection Of The Right Of Privacy

It is our solemn statements that the website will not collect any user’s materials without written agreements of the web users. For the service needs, the obtaining of users’ email address, filled and reported materials and the like related to private information will be keep secretive and never be offered to the third party.


Anyone or any company must not build hyperlinks in web to part or all information of the website without written agreements of Ledhors Men’s Wear.

       Application Of Law

Any lawsuits or disputes caused by contents of this website are applicable to the Law of People’s Republic of China.The statements are complied with the Law of People’s Republic of China.
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