Corporate culture 

Corporate culture is the spiritual treasure accumulated and summarized during the long-term operating and management practice.Since the date of entrepreneurship, Ledhors attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture, builds a rich concept of culture("galloping horse culture" as the concept of values system ),material culture ( industrial park image, products, VI system of brand image and SI image system of own brand for terminal stores), institution culture (enterprise operating and management system) , action culture (" quickness and happiness" as the concept of execution of corporate style and system of corporate, brand and code of employees conduct).

Ledhors’ Concept of Culture System
Operating Concept— —
Operating Philosophy: People unite, World wide.
Corporate Vision: Leader of business casual men’s wear in China, Promoter of well-known men’s wear in World.
Corporate Mission: Image beauticians of High Tier Brand
Corporate Spirit: Constantly go beyond, Necessarily achieve excellence.
Corporate Style: Quickness and Happiness.
Development Strategy: Planning leapingly, Growing stably.
Management Concept— —
Core Values: Learning heart, Tolerance heart, Motivation heart, Service heart, Happiness heart.
Team Spirit: ?Momentum?like galloping horse.
Organization Thought: Organization simple, Effect optimal.
Organization Thought: Organization simple, Effect optimal.
Career Concept— —
Execution Outlook: Promise must be kept and action must be resolute.
Talent Outlook: Virtue as the essence, Talent as the emphasis, Ability as the priority.
Working Outlook: Goal, Idea, Method, not one less.
Learning Outlook: Invest for oneself, Increase values for corporate.
Cost Outlook: To save cost is to create value.
Market Concept— —
Quality Outlook: Sewing right, Cutting well.
Innovation Outlook: Dare to think, Brave to do, Desire to succeed.
Service Outlook: With heart, With willingness, With effort, Entire process.
Communication Outlook: Be good at expressing, Be willing to listen.
Competition Outlook: Appreciate the opponent, Learn from the opponent, Surpass the opponent.
Moral Cultivation Concept— —
Motto: Face difficulty with gumption, Face interest with usual mind.
Morality Outlook: Personality wins thousands of products.
Life Outlook: Do things clearly, Behave cleanly.
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